13 Tips to Prevent Eye Fatigue

13 Tips to Prevent Eye Fatigue

Eye fatigue is very common these days. It is characterised by itchy and tired eyes. The same is very common due to increased exposure of the eye and continuous strain. If continued uncured, the same may be very painful and cause a burning sensation and other problems as well. Eye fatigue is caused by looking directly and for long at bright lights while driving or using electronic devices. The problems may also include reading and writing in dim light.

Fortunately, there are various tips to Prevent Eye Fatigue. These are summarised as under:

  • Adequate lighting: Experts at Georgia Vision Center suggest that having adequate lighting while using laptops or reading can help to prevent eye fatigue.
  • Eye care: These days, people do not spend the required time for Eye care. Cooling eye drops must be used and the eye should be given the need rest.
  • Anti-Glare lens: Using a glare filter on electronics or lenses that can reduce the same is very important.
  • Distance: Using the computer screen at a distance of at least 25 inches is important.
  • Adjustable chair at your work can help you adjust the distance as per your eyes’ needs.
  • Taking breaks can avoid continuous exposure causing eye fatigue.
  • Blink: Use reminders on the phone to remember to blink and close the eyes for 2 mins at regular intervals.
  • Washcloth soaked in cold water is also very beneficial to apply on the eyes.
  • Humidifiers: air purifies and humidifies can ensure that unnecessary dust doesn’t enter your eyes. This can protect it from problems like eye fatigue.
  • Medical assistance: Taking the assistance of qualified practitioners at Georgia Vision Center can ensure timely treatment.
  • Keep your screen and lenses clean.
  • By using electronics lesser, avoid over straining your eyes.
  • Prevent dryness of eyes by using artificial tears.

If the problem continues to increase and causes eye discomfort, double vision or headaches, expert medical help must be sought. Doctors at Georgia Vision Center are highly qualified and experienced. They are adept in providing the necessary treatment and can help solve your problem quickly.

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