Are Computer Glasses Worth It?

Are Computer Glasses Worth It?

From electronic screen of computer, laptop and Smartphone devices, harmful blue light gets emitted. This blue light can cause damages to human eyes. Computer glasses are solution for protecting eyes from the harmful ray from electronic screens. These glasses are turning overwhelmingly popular these days. Now, the question is what kind of harm the blue light can cause to the human eyes? According to researchers, the following possible impacts of blue light on our eyes have been noted. If these problems are noted, one can contact Georgia Vision Center.

Dry Eye and Strain

The harmful blue light, emitted from the computer or Smartphone screen, can put a lot of strain on the eyes. Technically, it has been referred as digital eye strain. It causes mild pain around your eyes. You may experience pain at the forehead area, if you use to sit and work in front of the computer for long hours on daily basis. Another notable problem is that it can also lead to dry eye situation. Water content plays important role for our eyes. If they get dried up, one could experience vision issues.

Disruptions in Sleeping

If you use to work in front of the computer for a long time, you can possibly face sleep cycle disruption. It puts stress on the brain and as a result nerves become highly proactive. Due to proactive nerve, we cannot sleep properly. Sleeplessness in night or disruption of sleep cycle can result into insomnia and many other dire consequences.

Effectiveness of the Eye Glasses

Apart from the common issues for eyes as mentioned above, many other complex eye disorders can occur due to the harmful blue ray of light from the computer screen. For example, one may face macular degeneration issue. As per the researchers, special eyewear for protection of eye from the blue light of computer screen is not really effective. Instead of using the protective eyewear, one can embrace a few good practices. For example, you should sit 25 inches far from computer screen. Keeping screen brightness low is also a good way to reduce harms to eyes. If you have to sit before computer for long time, you should take short breaks in between so that eyes stay protected. For any issues to eyes, you should not waste any time to contact Georgia Vision Center.

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