Can Dry Eyes Cause Blurry Vision?

Can Dry Eyes Cause Blurry Vision?

Yes, dry eyes can cause blurry vision. Some dry eye symptoms include itchy eyes, burning eyes, red eyes, pain in the eye, and a sensation that there is something in your eye. Dry eyes can also cause a lot of irritation which can lead to watery eyes.

Keeping the front portion of the eye, i.e., conjunctiva and cornea health and moist is important, and tears form a perfect balance of water, mucous and oils which allows it to evenly spread across cornea in an even manner and remain intact for long durations.

Based on different reasons, the film of tear can evaporate easily or get filled with mucus or become too oily. Any of the mentioned condition can prevent the tears from evenly spreading across the front portion of your eye to offer you a clear, stable and a comfortable vision.

Frequently blinking can help in decreasing blurry vision on a short-term basis as blinking helps in re-spreading the film of tear across the front portion of your eye.

In case you are experiencing intermittent blurry vision due to dryness in the eye or due to other dry eye symptoms, it is advisable to see an eye doctor near you at the earliest. Your eye doctor will help to evaluate the reason behind your dry eye and evaluate if you are experiencing from dry eye syndrome and accordingly recommend the best treatment towards restoring your clear and healthy vision.

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