Contacts Vs Glasses

Contacts Vs Glasses

If you wear glasses and are planning to get glasses anytime soon, you might be having thoughts of getting a contact lens. Here, Georgia Vision Center has tried to solve the age-old question of contact lenses or spectacles, what to choose? We have prepared a list of the pros and cons of contacts and glasses and you get to decide what to choose.

Glasses Pros –

They are easy to wear – You do not need any technique or advice to put them on. You can just put it on.

They do not touch your eye- Glasses have no contact with the eye directly. This gives you a sigh of relief.

Also, there are a variety of frames that can suit your face and enhance your look.

Cons –

Glasses can often distort vision. When you wear glasses, you must have noticed that especially at the edges of the lens, your vision gets distorted.

Also, some people do not like to wear glasses as they either tend to lose it or don’t like the way they look.

ContactsPros –

It gives you a better and natural vision that glasses fail to provide.

You can move your eye all the ways and it won’t affect your vision.

They do not get in your way while you play sports and do not fog up when it is cold or raining.

Cons –

hey are high maintenance. You need to put your contacts in the special liquid in order to protect it from all the dirt.

You need to get habituated to it. It takes a while to learn and get habituated to wearing contact lenses.

Also, they are expensive than glasses. Getting glasses is easier and you can get it done anywhere but the contacts are more complicated than that.

You need to make sure that you do not get it done from a local or regular guy who might mess it up.

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