Do Glasses Make Your Vision Worse?

Do Glasses Make Your Vision Worse?

You might have read this as an unverified fact in a magazine or might have heard about it from a friend. The general story that goes around this myth is that there was person with healthy eyes, who later on got glasses for herself. The deficiency in her eyes was minute and so initially, she did not need a pair of glasses all the time. That said, with time, she got more and more dependent on her glasses and rest they say, is history.

A research reported by BBC about five years ago showed that more than 65% people in Nigeria and close to 30% people in Karnataka, India believed in this myth. Earlier, a detailed Harvard Health Q&A clearly showed that this hypothesis never had any tangible results, when tested under an experimental setting.

Experts at Georgia Vision Center believe the same – that this is nothing more than a myth.

Can glasses make your vision worse – the two misconceptions.

The biggest misconception supporting this myth is that almost everyone who started wearing glasses, gradually reported an increase in the deficiency in her/his eyes over the years. Most people hold the glasses and lens manufacturers accountable for this, whereas, this may be a simple result of aging.

The lens in our eyes has to adjust rapidly to ensure we are able to see things at a short distance as well as over the longer distance. With age, the flexibility of this lens to contract and expand gets defied and hence we have to wear glasses to assist the lens in performing its job.

Besides, people fail to analyse the fact scientifically. If wearing your glasses is such a problem to your eyes, not wearing them should ideally solve the problem. The usual test results show otherwise – if people, especially children, do not wear the right type of lenses, they are prone to greater vision damage. Thus, it is imperative for you to understand the fact that lenses and glasses do not have any adversary effect on your eyes. They only help you see the reality better!

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