How is Being Nearsighted Different than Being Farsighted

How is Being Nearsighted Different than Being Farsighted

Many people are unaware of the difference between nearsightedness and farsightedness. Especially, people who are not glass wearers are confused about the difference between the two. Both the eye conditions are affected by the way light reflects into the eye. These are refractive disorders as they are categorized by how light bends or refracts in your eyes. To find out the difference between the two, you first need to know about both of them in detail. Let’s have a look.

What Does Nearsighted Mean?

Nearsightedness means that the objects that are closer to you appear farther away. The condition, which is also known as Myopia is caused by the shape of your eye making light waves refract incorrectly. This leads the image to focus in the front of the retina instead of, on the retina. As a result, the images far away appear blurred.

It has been observed that nearsightedness is more common than farsightedness. It is commonly found in either childhood or adult years. Wearing the right type of glasses prescribed by the eye specialist can help in overcoming the condition. It may be challenging to make the child wear glasses but the glasses for kids are available in so many different colors that kids find them attractive enough to wear daily.

What Does Farsighted Mean?

Farsighted means that the objects that are far away, appear clearer as compared to the objects that are closer to you. It is also known as hyperopia and is often caused because of an eyeball that is too short. The light is reflected behind the retina instead of reflecting on it. This causes the objects closer to you appear blurred. They become clearer only when you move farther.

One of the main differences between being farsighted and nearsighted is that they are common in the later years of life. Most adults start needing reading glasses as they get older. In fact, farsightedness at any age is not a matter of concern. The condition can be fixed easily with the help of simple treatments.

How to Determine If You Are Farsighted or Nearsighted?

Now that you know the difference between near and farsightedness, it is not difficult for you to determine which condition you are suffering from. For determining your vision, you can place an object about twenty feet in front of you and move closer to the object and move further back. This will help in determining which position gives a clearer image. If the image can be seen clearly when you get closer, you are nearsighted while if the image appears better when you are further away, you are farsighted. However, if the image looks the same even when you move far or closer, you are neither nearsighted nor farsighted.

Symptoms of Nearsightedness

  • If your vision gets blurred when viewing objects from a distance, you may be suffering from nearsightedness.
  • If you experience a headache that results from straining to see the objects that are far away, it is a sign of nearsightedness.
  • The need for squinting for seeing the objects that are far away can also be a sign of nearsightedness.

Symptoms of Farsightedness

  • Experiencing blurred vision while trying to read or look at something closer to you can be a sign of being farsighted.
  • Achy eyes, and tired or burning sensation after long periods of doing up-close work like reading or browsing phone is also a sign of farsighted.
  • Just like nearsightedness, farsightedness can also cause headaches because of eye strain.

Difference between Nearsighted and Farsighted Glasses

The shape of the lens determines the style that will look good on you. For farsighted people, shorter and narrower frames can be the right choice. Reading glasses are more often than not shaped in this manner. Also, there is great flexibility when it comes to the style of frame nearsighted people can choose right from small and round frames to oversized square frames. These are some of the common styles but one can choose the frame that suits them better. You can try various frames in the store and make the decision accordingly.

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