How Makeup Users Can Prevent Eye Health Problems

How Makeup Users Can Prevent Eye Health Problems

It is important for many people to look beautiful and they take help of makeup in doing so. There are women who spend a lot of time and money in buying makeup for improving their looks. However, it is important to apply make up the right way especially near your eyes as lack of care and precision can lead to unforeseen consequences such as infections, allergy, and injuries.

Dodge Infection

If you develop an infection, the purpose of makeup is defeated because of puffy and red eyes. It is recommended not to use eye makeup for more than prescribed duration. You must change your eye makeup every few months. Take a note of the purchase date so that you can discard the makeup before it gets expired. Plus, you should also make it a habit to clean the makeup brushes and applicators to remove pathogens from them. In case you have an eye infection, discard your entire used make up items and brushes. It is also advised not to share your cosmetic products with others.

Be Wary of Allergies

Infection is not the only risk, you may also develop allergies. You can find allergens in cosmetics that include nickel and iron oxide which is found in preservatives and fragrances. Don’t rely on the ‘hypo-allergenic’ label as it is not guarantee of the product being allergen-free.

Think Twice to Avert Injury

You need a steady and firm hand while applying makeup near the eyes as an injury to the eye can result in corneal abrasion or much more. You should avoid applying makeup in a moving vehicle. Don’t put makeup inside the lash margin as it can irritate the eyes.

Focus on Contact Lens Cleanliness

It is said that you should wear your lenses first and then apply the makeup instead of applying makeup and then wearing the lens as some bits of makeup can get stuck on the lens. Also, the type of makeup matters. You should avoid wearing glittery or metallic eye shadow as it can get trapped under the lenses.

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