Is Your Child Ready for Contacts?

Is Your Child Ready for Contacts?

With this school year already having begun, he may begin to notice that your child is having trouble seeing. Not being able to see correctly can greatly affect your children’s grades, and their self-confidence. An essential step in school readiness can be a back-to-school eye exam. Your child’s optometrist may be suggesting that your child be given contacts, and as a parent, it would be your decision to help them for their future. In the following article, we will discuss whether or not your child is ready for contacts.

How Do I Know When MY Child is Ready For Contacts?

In reality, there is no right age to begin wearing contacts. Just about anyone of any age can wear them, but they do involve a level of responsibility and ability that some children may not have yet. Following aware and care routine exactly is vital and making sure that they’re I stay healthy. If you do feel that your child can responsibly care for lenses, feel free to talk to your VSP network doctor about contact lens options.

What’s a Good Lens for First Time Wearers?

Choosing a good lens for your child’s first time mostly depends on their eye care needs. One great option on the market today is daily disposable lenses, that are only worn for one day and then thrown away. The convenience of these disposable lenses are great for children, teens, and other first time wearers. Other contact lens options are those that are worn for a week, two weeks, or even a month.

What is a Good Wear-and-Care Routine?

In order for your child to be successful in their new contact lens endeavors, a proper wear-and-care routine is essential. Caring for your contacts are based on the wearing schedule that your doctor recommends. It’s important to follow your optometrist instructions for proper lens disinfection, how often to replace them, and how often to wear them. The most vital tip that we can offer is to remember to always wash your hands before touching your contact lenses or your eyes.

If you do have more questions about whether or not your child should be wearing contact lenses, feel free to contact us at the Georgia Vision Center at Hiwassee, GA. We would love to answer our questions and help your child see!

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