Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Makeup is a great tool for filling in where natural lacked, or for enhancing your natural beauty. There are countless types of cosmetics and so many ways to use them to create simple or dramatic effects. Having a talent with colors helps, but this is a skill you can learn. If you wear eyeglasses, making up your face is a bit more complicated. For some, it doesn’t seem worth the effort since your eyes are covered. But there are ways to make it all work together.

Tips for Wearing Makeup with Glasses

From flattering lip colors to neutrals and highlighters, there is no end to the makeup strategies you can explore while wearing glasses.

  • Mascara: It is common for women who wear glasses to shy away from mascara due to the smudge factor. They don’t want to end up with black or brown pigment smeared across the lenses. But it all comes down to how it is applied to the lashes. If the mascara is brushed onto the roots instead of focusing on the tips, you will get the effect of fuller lashes without the mess. It is also helpful to use an eyelash curler.
  • Primer: Apply a dab of eyeshadow primer on the bridge of your nose to stop your glasses from slipping. This helpful tip is also useful for men who wear glasses.
  • Eyeshadow: Stick with bright, yet neutral shades. Choosing bold colors can backfire on the girl in glasses. It just looks too busy. Keep it simple, brighter hues will enhance your natural beauty. Be sure to select an eyeshadow that complements your eye color.
  • Concealer: Sometimes, the frame for your glasses can cast a shadow under your eyes, making it look like you have dark circles. A little concealer with a yellow tint will camouflage this effect.
  • Lipstick: Bright or bold lipstick colors will balance your face if you wear dark or thick frames.

Different Makeup for Different Prescriptions

People who wear strong prescriptions may appear bug-eyed. The thick lenses make their eye look larger than life. Luckily, you can reduce this effect with liquid and matte eyeshadows. If this describes you, avoid glittery eye color and powders. They are used to make the eyes appear bigger.

In addition, for lenses that seem to shrink the eyes, steer clear of dark eyeshadows and use light eyeliner. Stick with lighter shades across the board.

Different Frames, Different Looks

Like the thickness of your lenses, the style of your frames will impact the best makeup options for you. For dark frames, go for neutral colors, with frameless designs you can pull off bold eye makeup.

Frame size plays a big role. Larger frames allow for more experimentation because more of your eye is visible. Pay more attention to highlighting the brow area with smaller frames.

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