Dry Eye Treatment in Hiawassee, GA

Do you experience frequent eye discomfort? Are your eyes often red or inflamed? Searching for dry eye treatment in Hiawassee? Dry eye syndrome is extremely common, in fact, recent research suggests that almost half of American adults experience dry eye symptoms at some point or another. However, some patients may experience chronic dry eyes, leading to various symptoms such as:

  • Eye Discomfort
  • Eye Inflammation
  • Eye Redness
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Feeling of Something in Eye

Notice any of the above symptoms? You may need dry eye treatment in Hiawassee, GA. Schedule an appointment with Georgia Vision Center today.

About Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is an eye condition which can affect the quality and quantity of tears in the eyes. Our tears moisten, cleanse and protect our eyes each time we blink, removing any debris or organisms that may be present. When dry eye syndrome is experienced, this protective coating is no longer present, leading to burning, sensitive and gritty-feeling eyes. In extreme cases of dry eye, the patient may experience blurred vision as well. Think that you may have dry eyes? Don’t hesitate to contact Georgia Vision Center; we’re always happy to help.

Benefits of Our Hiawassee Dry Eye Treatment

When it comes to dry eyes, there are a variety of benefits when receiving treatment which may include:

  • Improved eye protection
  • Improved eye moisture
  • Relief of eye discomfort
  • Reduced eye redness
  • Reduced sensitivity to light
  • Reduces burning of the eyes
  • Occasional improved vision

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Tired of dry, uncomfortable eyes? Think you may need dry eye treatment near you? Schedule an appointment with Georgia Vision Center today! We are always happy to accept new patients and look forward to helping protect your eyes.

Dr. Joey Arencibia

Dr. Joey Arencibia was raised in Cedartown, Georgia. He is a graduate of Young Harris College, located in northeast Georgia, where he was also a member of the intercollegiate tennis team.


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