Taking Care of Your New Glasses

Taking Care of Your New Glasses

So you’ve gotten new glasses? Whether they are your first pair or your tenth, you may be wondering what the best way of caring for your new eyeglasses is. At Georgia Vision Center, we believe education is extremely important for each of our patients and are happy to provide useful tips and information for better caring for your eyes and eyewear! If you have glasses, please follow the below advice as it can help keep your eyeglass frames and lenses in better condition.

Eyeglass Care Don’ts

  • Never wipe your eyeglass lenses while the lenses are dry, dust and even debris could result in scratches on your lenses.
  • Do not use tissues, paper towels or even napkins to wipe your eyeglass lenses; these can often have rough surfaces which can result in damage to your lenses.
  • Never use any ammonia, bleach, window cleaner or even vinegar for cleaning your glasses. Most eyeglass lenses have different coatings on them which may be damaged when using products on them.
  • Do not put your unprotected glasses in a bag, pocket or purse.
  • Avoid placing your glasses in areas which may experience splatters and sprays; these can soil the lenses of your eyeglasses.
  • Do not leave your eyeglasses in a hot car, especially on the dashboard. This can result in the eyeglasses and lenses being warped and damaged.
  • Do not wear your glasses on your head; this can warp and bend the frames making them less effective.

Eyeglass Care Do’s

  • Clean your lenses using either an eyeglass cleaner or warm water and a drop of dish soap. Once cleaned, dry them using a soft cloth (anything medium or hard can damage the lenses).
  • Always store your glasses in a hard-shell case when not being worn.
  • When laying glasses down on a surface, always place them with the lenses facing upward.
  • When removing your glasses, always use both hands to avoid misalignment.

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